Rebecca Jones's Diary - Spinster and Lunatic (beckybecbec) wrote in australianmusic,
Rebecca Jones's Diary - Spinster and Lunatic

So very surreal torrent watching tonite.

I watched the latest Private Practice (s02e13) and they played Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente

Then I watched the latest Greys Anatomy (s05e13) and they played Drifting Further Away by Powderfinger.
I missed most of the sad part cause Im wondering 'Is that Powderfinger? :P

Yay the Aussie Bands!

Oh and I almost forgot... Missy Higgins featured on Greys Anatomy back in s04e09 Where I Stood

(same song also in NCIS, Smallville, Lipstick Jungle, The Hills (TV series), One Tree Hill and So You Think You Can Dance)
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