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Latest Music Reviews & News

I’m a bit out of late with some of the stuff here but I’ve got a few bits and pieces to tell you all about, that I’m hoping you will be interested in…

Firstly, I’ve been working hard on getting together loads of guest speakers and facilities for the latest rounf of Melbourne City Library’s “Street Press Workshops”. These are a series of eight free workshops at the City Library in Melbourne CBD for anyone interested in any aspect of Street Press, they start on Wed 14th May and you can find more at or join the facebook group.

Now, I have a few reviews of local acts to get out and about and catch up with, they are :

Actor/Model, Bachelor of Arts, Die! Die! Die! @ Revolver
Young & Restless, Dardanelles, The Galvatrons, Cassette Kids, Flamingo Crash, Reptiles @ The Corner
TV for Cats, Skull Squadron, Radiant City @ The Tote
Baseball @ Missing Link
Henry Rollins @ The Comedy Theatre
The Knockouts, Gentle Ben and his Sensitive side, 6ft Hick @ Ding Dong Lounge

And of course the latest Music News from around the world featuring news on Plastic Palace Alice, World's End Press, Schvendes, Sam & Me, Congregation and many more can be found at :

Below The Surface Music News
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